Welcome to the OUES WikiEdit

OUES, Officially, Organization of United Emerging States, is an organization, which is founded by Kingdom of New Cantabria, Schalamzaar Empire, and Archland Empire. This organization has goals for members, such as getting recognized by macronations, and other existing states.

Goals Edit

Members of OUES, wants to :

  • Become de facto, and in far future, de jure states.
  • Freedom from Macrostates,
  • Getting recognized by de facto and de jure states
  • More and better seriousness

Membership Edit

All micronations are free to join OUES, but there's some conditions :

  • Micronations interested in Scientific research, are encouraged to join
  • This serves as alliance and every member is mutually recognized
  • Serious countries, and New Country Projects only
  • If a single member is attacked all countries have the choice to respond, but highly encouraged

Members Edit

  • Kingdom of New Cantabria
  • Schalamzaar Empire
  • Archland Empire
  • Republic of Marland
  • Independent Province of Mancunia
  • United Islands of Iltirur
  • Kingdom of Laconia

Applications Edit

If you're interested in OUES, fill the forms here : Membership Applications


This wiki isn't a micronational wiki, this wiki is designed for an organization. for micronational usages, use µPedia or New Country Projects wikis.

Flag of OUES

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